Our Services

Therapy and Counseling

For all individuals

Works well for

  • People with problematic behaviors
  • People with unfounded beliefs
  • People with mismanaged feelings
  • People with relationship issues

Helps with

  • Reducing stress
  • Improve Self-esteem

The essence of this therapy is to help people recognize and deal with suppressed emotions that can often hinder a person's physical and emotional development.

At the end of counseling, patients feel more positive and have a heightened self-image.

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Wellness and Fitness Programs

For corporate

Works well for

  • Companies who see a decline in the motivation and productivity levels of their employees

Helps with

  • Increasing productivity levels
  • Employee happiness
  • Employee morale at the workplace

Our specially designed programs on wellness and fitness help bring a new energy and motivation to your workforce. Our modules incorporate sessions on nutrition, workplace exercise, concentration building techniques, and team building activities.

At the end of the program, employees feel a greater sense of happiness and engagement at the workplace… Their stress levels are reduced, productivity levels are increased, and both morale and self confidence see a boost.

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Mindfulness, Fitness, Yoga & NLP

For students, teachers and parents

Works well for

  • Students bearing load to fulfill expectations
  • Parents worried about the future of their children
  • Teachers under pressure to ensure no failures

Helps with

  • Improving a child’s attention span, self-control, emotional resilience, recovery from addiction, memory and immune response

In a marks-driven educational system, every stakeholder is feeling the pressure to perform, not just the students… School teachers want to ensure there are no failures; parents want their children to get into good colleges, while students bear the maximum load to fulfill everyone’s expectations and their own.

This whole approach has led (in severe cases) to episodes of suicide and depression, sometimes neglect and addiction, and in less severe cases minor mental and physical ailments, like lack of attention or a drop in immunity.

To combat these issues, we have designed programs that use the four pillars of mindfulness, fitness, yoga & NLP

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Mindfulness, Rehab, and Osteopath

For sportspersons and athletes

Works well for

  • Athletes with performance anxiety

Helps with

  • Calm the wandering mind
  • Reducing performance stress as well as external distractions
  • Fatigue and stress
  • Dealing better with physical discomfort

Every nano second counts in sports and athletics. Sportspersons and athletes devote their whole life to this quest for perfection in both stamina and performance, with it more often than not taking a toll on their emotional and mental well-being.

Performance anxiety and the constant need to exceed one’s own last record are constantly plaguing every sportsperson’s peace of mind… While some are able to cope better than the rest, each one, at some point or the other, feels the need for counseling and rehab.

Our programs tailored for sportsperson, help them find a greater ability to stay in the ‘zone’, gain enhanced brain-body connection and improved physical efficiency.

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