Transforming a beautiful being


She had been chubby as a little girl, and had dealt with criticism and bullying. This resulted in her feeling that she didn’t fit into ‘society's definition of beauty’. Soon low self-esteem and body image issues seeped in, and she started to believe she was not beautiful. It was only as she grew older and wiser, did she realise that ‘there's more to you than just how you look’.


She was on her way to building a better self-image, all she needed was a push in the right direction, and accelerated growth toward positive self-image. Dr. Rachna simply supported her journey, with tremendous support and showed her how to love herself, and explore life’s unlimited possibilities.


She listened to her genuinely and provided words of comfort and compassionate care in all her sessions. Dr Rachna gave her the space to talk through her problems. She also emphasized that she should love herself just the way she is, and that she needn’t change a thing about herself to love herself.


The client is now confident and feels more capable in social situations. She is also open to discovering life’s possibilities and makes an effort to try out new things every now and then.


Sometimes all people need is a listening ear, a kind heart, and a patient friend to pour out their deepest fears and insecurities… At Kkreyations, we give this process paramount focus.