Medicines no more!


His pain in the forearm was so severe that he couldn’t manage it without painkillers. Just after one session with Dr Rachna, there was instant relief, and from the same day he got off pain killers.


The assessment showed that he had rounded shoulders, uneven shoulders, head position forward, and a titled pelvis.


The imbalances in his posture were due to the uneven tension in the body, and Dr Rachna worked on releasing the neck, back, shoulder and pelvis.


By releasing the fascial restrictions, we saw an improvement and balance in his shoulders and pelvis. This also eased the pressure on his arms, and finally straightened his back.


You can do away with dependence on any kind of drug… But for this to happen, it is essential to work on the pain point and release any tension you may be carrying - be it mental, emotional, or physical.