For The Joy of Music…


She had lymphatic tumor, and it had relapsed for the third time at the same spot. The medical field had given up on her… The husband too had tried all options to help his wife, but in vain. She came to see Dr Rachna through a referral from a past client, and herself had no prior knowledge of her work. She just wanted to give it a try. Her condition had also made her gain weight and there was practically no physical movement, other than forced chores of the day. She was a professional veena player, but had given up on it, as she couldn’t sit down, and her hands would give up in five minutes.




She took four sessions with Dr. Rachna, and after each one started feeling better and better. Eventually, she began practicing the veena for one hour at a stretch. She could sit down comfortably and felt no pain in her arm. She also started losing weight, and when asked if she would like to get a scan done to check her tumour, she denied saying she didn’t feel it at all. Her rationale was: ‘Why do I need it now? I just wanted to be able to do all of this and be happy…which I am now ☺’


While therapy may not cure a problem altogether, it will teach you how to manage it and conduct your life better. But more importantly, the end goal of therapy is to put a smile on your face!