Discovering the Artist Within


A disappointed mother came to see us with her teenage daughter. The mother had given up on the girl, because she was finding it difficult to get through high school. When we asked the mother what she thought was the reason for this, she said her daughter had no interest in studies.


Dr. Rachna spoke to the girl separately without her mother around. She found out that the girl was trying ways to move out of the family and the house. Dr. Rachna spoke to her as an adult and not a parent. The girl surprisingly was ready to listen, and together they came up with a strategy that was a win-win for both - mother and daughter.


The mother had mentioned that her daughter had never done anything extraordinary. And so we thought let’s try another approach… We asked the girl what she does best, and she said she was good at sketching. After the session, the girl made a sketch for us, and it sure wasn’t an ordinary one! The mother had tears in her eyes when she saw it. Soon we arranged an exhibition of her sketches so that the family and friends could see what she was capable of.


This gave a boost to the girl’s confidence levels, and a new twist to the mother-daughter relationship. The girl has now got admission in the United States, and is happily pursuing her dreams.


At Kkreyations, we recreate your perception of yourself first, and then another’s perception of you. We realize that to build your self-worth, you have to unravel hidden aspects of your personality... Kkreyations provides that safe space for self-discovery and exploration.