Curing the pains of childhood


Everyone told him he had to live with sciatica. He had had a lot of accidents in his childhood, which had resulted in pelvic imbalance, and global hyper-mobility, leading to joint impingement and pain.


But we knew that sciatica is a symptom and not a diagnosis. It could be caused due to many reasons like a prolapsed lumbar disc or piriformis syndrome.


When we began treatment, it was obvious that the sciatica was caused by impingement of the sciatic nerve, and in turn tightness in his hips. So Dr Rachna decided to work first on his hips, particularly around the tissues that rotate the legs in the hip joints.


His body soon started to release all that stiffness and discomfort, and he regained the natural rotation of his legs. The right and left legs were also released, resulting in his hips getting rebalanced.


Kkreyations believes that getting to the root cause of a problem, is the first step toward any treatment, and hence an integral part of therapy.