We are what we do

"We are the sum of our actions."
Jean Paul Sartre

And our actions get charged by the will to change and create something new! Kkreyations was coined as a term that encapsulates both action and change, because…

Action + Change = Success

The Hindi word ‘kriya’ is used to describe the concept of deed or deliberate action.

When your actions are well-thought out, geared toward change and growth, and when you proactively sow the seeds for a brighter future, you truly benefit from the sum of your actions…you enjoy a life of contentment and joy!

At Kkreyations, we believe that any life change is first created at the molecular level…or what chemistry calls - the ‘ion’.

Thus, to see positive developments in your life you have to recreate the most basic level of thought and deed. Once you do, you can then transform every aspect of your life – health, career, money, and relationships!

You will then discover the infinite possibilities life has to offer... More importantly, you will realize the unlimited potential you carry within yourself - to recreate your life through a few simple shifts!

The process of transformation is not always an easy one, but with our guidance and support, you can set off dramatic and meaningful changes to your life.

At Kkreyations, we know no problem is without a solution…

Sometimes, all you need is a guiding hand, a shoulder to lean on, or a mindful approach to a problem…
Kkreyations is that facilitator, coach, and friend, you can depend on to see things from a new perspective, and recreate your life into your dream life!

Our wide range of healing and counseling modalities are created in styles and formats most suited to your personality and life issue. We focus both on the growth of your inner being, as well as the growth of your material world…because only when both improve, can you experience complete well-being.

But all change begins with you...

So take that first step, explore our various programs, or

Reach out for a consultation!

About Dr. Rachna Sharma

After a decade in the corporate sector, Dr Rachna Sharma branched into psychology with a commitment to mental wellness, and a firm belief that every individual has the capability to heal and transform their lives.

She is currently a psychologist, celebrity wellness expert, executive and life coach, and mindfulness practitioner, with specializations in hypnotherapy, movement therapy, psychosomatic therapy, trauma therapy, and kinaesthesia psychology. Dr Sharma has also been trained and internationally certified in DiSC, MBTI and Assessment & Development Centers.

Her workshops touch every aspect of growth and development in a person’s life journey. She counsels people across the spectrum, like teenage students, professionals, business tycoons, sportsmen, entrepreneurs, and homemakers.

Dr Sharma is of the view that only a mentally fit individual can create a mentally healthy family and society. Thus one needs to visit a psychologist not only for mental disorders or illnesses, but on a regular basis as maintenance,to ensure we have mental health at all points.

Her energy and commitment to empower each one is at the center of her healing modalities. Through her sessions, she helps channelize an individual’s life issues into positive and transformative experiences.

After more than a decade of experience in the space of personal well-being, Dr Sharma knows that any problem can be solved…’all it takes is your ability to let go, and choose to be happy’!

Dr Sharma is also a dynamic and driven business woman who dabbles in various enterprises. She puts in 17-18 hours of work each day, and spends 80% of her income on continuous education and learning. To increase her focus, and look inward, she unplugs from people and electronics for 3-4 hours per day.

An unpredictable person, who loves chaos and hates comforting spaces, Dr Sharma gave vent to her adventurous spirit when she decided to learn horse riding and golfing at the age of 38.

Her energy, exuberance, and never-say-die attitude are reflected in her work too, where she helps every person function at their optimum, and discover and appreciate new facets of their personalities!

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